Liberty’s Beard Balm for The Modern Gentleman

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Liberty’s Beard Balm for The Modern Gentleman

★THE KING OF BALMS – We’re top rated by bearded men everywhere for a reason! It’s all about ingredients, and Virtu has an unmatched blend of growth, strength, and softness! Formulated with essential botanical oils, moisturizers, a gentle beeswax hold, this is 2 full ounces of facial hair luxury!

★THE OILS – Turn your wiry, scratchy face into something more elegant! By blending Babassu, Eucalyptus, Argan, and Coconut oil we not only encourage your beard to grow healthier, but soften the hairs as well! Not to mention, the combined aroma of these oils is absolutely enticing, relaxing you while it relaxes your facial hair.

★THE BEES KNEES – We choose beeswax as our balm base for many reasons. Unlike the artificial and often petroleum based chemicals added to many moisturizers and skin care lotions to aid in absorption, beeswax contains Vitamin A and provides long-term moisturizing, actually locking moisture into the skin. Moisturized skin equals a softer beard and face!

★UNDENIABLE ATTRACTION – Shea Butter is also part of our formulation. By pairing it with the power of ArganOil, we can actually help encourage your beard to grow just a little bit faster. So, even if you’re just starting out on your way to a majestic mane, we can help you get there quickly!

★A GENTLEMAN’S AGREEMENT – We know we have an amazing product. For that reason, we offer peace of mind with our remarkable balm. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, just let us know, and we’ll refund your money. Best of all, this guarantee is for LIFE! You’ll also be receiving an electronic copy of our grooming manual: “The Master Grooming Manual For Bearded Men” free with purchase!

2oz tin can.

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