Breeto Deluxe Chrome Safety Razor and Brush Stand

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Breeto Deluxe Chrome Safety Razor and Brush Stand
  • Attractive chrome plated shaving stand looks great with your shave brush and razor
  • Extend the life of your expensive shave brush, which should always be stored with the bristles down.
  • Sturdy construction with no assembly or pieces to put together
  • Holds up to a 24mm Knot Shave Brush and a 20mm Handle, including Most Double Edge Safety Razors, and conventional-sized cartridge razors like a Gillette or Schick

Breeto offers an elegant solution to all the common problems associated with Razor and Brush shaving. Namely, the inconvenience, mess, damage to equipment, and even occasional injuries it can cause. Stored upright on their two-prong hangers, your razor and brush pose less risk of being improperly grabbed which can cause injury. In this position they also receive air circulation to facilitate faster drying, which helps extend their life and prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and rust. This stunning, chrome-plated design complements any bathroom decor with space-saving efficiency. The weighted base keeps it upright while the non-slip rubber like sole keeps it in place. The post features a textured midsection so it's easy to get a secure grip on it.

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Breeto manufactures and handcrafts each shaving brush using only the finest badger hair available. All of the brush handles are designed for elegance and durability, as well as for their comfortable shape. BENEFITS OF SHAVING BRUSHES Using a shaving brush is probably the best step to improving a man's shaving results and clearing up shaving irritations.

The benefits of a shaving brush over your fingers include:

• Generates more lather

• Uses less shaving cream, gel or soap

• Lifts hair on your face

• Opens up your pores

• Naturally exfoliates your skin

• Closer shave and better shave

• Less irritation, razor burn, & ingrown hairs

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