“Secondary” Extra Strength Wax

Wild West Beards

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As per our featured products CanYouHandlebar is one of them! We are proud to feature this awesome mustache wax line in our store, each tin is designed for a extra strength. The ingredients are beeswax, lanolin, olive oil, coconut oil,  shea butter, vitamin E! The wax does not include any preservatives, fragrances or dyes/colors , though the natural smell is great! You can use each tin for months!

  • The scent: The smell of perfect, natural Michigan beeswax. We don’t add any scents since it already smells so darn good.
  • Expert formula: Blend of wax and oils to achieve a great daily (medium) hold. At body temperature, it can be applied easily. No petroleum or nut-oils used in any of our products! (We use beeswax, lanolin, olive oil, coconut oil,  shea butter, vitamin E)

Each tin is 1oz.

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